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About Us

Trail Turtle We’re outdoor people. We’re also product design engineers.

You can guess what happened after we finally got fed up with it being either too expensive or difficult, or both, to have simple luxuries with you outdoors. Like music without worrying about our phones getting dropped, wet or running down our battery.

That’s right, we designed and built the outdoor wireless speaker we always wanted but could never find.

We know how to design and build something right. We’ve done work for some of the biggest names in the tech industry. In fact, you probably own some of the products we’ve done.

But we’ve also seen the soul stripped out of products for the sake of convenience or profit. You can tell, right away, can’t you? You open the box, hold it in your hand and your stomach drops: it’s a piece of crap. Or you hold the product up. It feels “right”. You look it over and know how to use it. Then you turn it on and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it makes you feel great.

We will only build products with souls. Products you enjoy owning. Products you know people sweated over the details because the products work the way they should.

Our first product is the Lil’ Snapper wireless outdoor speaker. It’s a lil’ miracle, in our humble opinion. Hold it in your hand. Listen to the sound. Nothing about it feels like a $29.95 speaker, but it is.

The same with the cooler we’re about to launch. It’s not only compact and light weight, it’s easy to carry and holds enough drinks to get us to our destination and a few other essentials. Without costing you a ton.

So…welcome to Trail Turtle!! A site made by outdoor activists for all of our outdoor activist friends!

Please, check out our first little miracle, the Lil Snapper!