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Cabrewing Kit

Cabrewing Kit

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Trail Turtle Products brings you a great bundle for your river and outdoor adventures!  We found it cumbersome to find and purchase the appropriate river gear for our adventures so we created this bundle especially for Cabrewing.

This is one Ultimate Cabrewing Kit and these are the items that are included.

Tube Cooler Sling: The River Cooter cooler is our feature product.  Also available separately, this tube cooler is high performance (4mm neoprene with foil liner) and has five reusable EVA ice pucks to go between your cans. It also comes with a bonus can koozie. The Cooter has adjustable strap, carabiner clip and dual zipper pulls for easy access.

Mesh Trash Bag: Responsible trash management is a must for water trips.  This draw string trash bag can be clipped onto your gear and allow water to drain off. (Note: can also be used for mushroom hunting in the springtime)

Small Plastic Clips (Qty 10): These carabiner style clips can be used to attach miscellaneous gear together. Keep your items connected in case of capsizing or rough water.

Large Metal Carabiners (Qty 2): These heavier clips are great to attach multiple rafts or floats together as you drift the river.

Paracord (Qty 20'): This 3mm paracord is made in the USA tough and great to use with clips to attach gear and keep your group together.

Speaker: The camping and river is always better with your music!  The Lil' Snapper wireless, outdoor speaker offers awesome sound and is water resistant (IPX5). The speaker easily connects by bluetooth to your phone. You will be amazed at the sound quality of this 3W speaker.

Dry Bag: This dry bag is designed to keep your phone safe on the water while still allowing you to access the phone interface through the window.