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Lil' Snapper

Lil' Snapper - Black

The Lil' Snapper speakers bring you First-in-Class sound from your mobile phone. Use this product to enhance your music enjoyment (and keep your phone safely tucked away).

The music controls (volume, skip, previous) are easily accessed from the side buttons. The speaker will give you 6-8 hours of continuous music. Your mobile phone does alot of great things but most will not do your play list justice (and you certainly don’t want your phone out while you are going down the river).

The Lil’ Snapper rugged, rubber overmolding keeps the speaker safe from shock and prevents vibration on solid surfaces. The carabiner allows easy storage and flexible mounting so you can project the sound if needed.

This wireless speaker connects to your mobile phone by simple Bluetooth and charging is simple with a standard micro USB connection.

The Trail Turtle team is proud to bring you this speaker. Make your day a bit easier with a Lil’ Snapper.

P.S. the Lil’ Snappers love to go with you to split firewood, fishing and hanging out by the fire!