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River Cooter

River Cooter River Cooter

The River Cooter is a cooler tube featuring ice pucks to keep your cans cold longer. The cooler holds five cans with pucks or six cans without pucks. A bonus can koozie is included along with carabiner clip.

Beverage cooler tubes are not a new concept. However, it has proven impossible to find one that actually works. The beverage "tube coolers" in the market today are little more than "can holders". Although the concept of a shoulder strap can holder is, by itself, a wonderful idea, the experience is ultimately ruined when your drinks are warm.

To fix this dilemma, we present the River Cooter can koozie!

There are several key elements deployed to solve this problem.

Engineering a special "cooling puck" that maximizes surface contact with BOTH the can top and the can bottom. The EVA ice puck must also easily nest together so you can place them into the freezer for storage.

Specify extra heavy neoprene for insulation. Standard neoprene koozie devices use foam or 3mm neoprene. We are specifying specialty 4mm for actual insulation.

Add a metal foil inside liner for thermal reflection.